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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Make money as a fashion blogger Tina & Kelly2

Tina Craig and Kelly Cook

Tina Craig and Kelly Cook Tina and Kelly had always been passionate about bags. Since they didn’t live in the same city, they used to be hours on the phone talking about the latest handbags and handbags sales. Since they were always talking about handbags,

How to be a successful Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger Niches Ideas II

More Fashion Blogger Niches Ideas: I hope you have already found your blogging niche, if not don’t worry here I give you some other ideas of Fashion Blogging niches: Lookbooks & Previews Runway Fashion Reviews Product Reviews Runway Trends Runway to “real way” Music Fashion Cinema Fashion

Susie Bubble fashion blogger

Style Bubble

Style Bubble Susanna Lau, most known by Susie bubble, is a writer and editor that lives and works in London. She started her blog on 2006 and on 2010 she had tens of thousands of daily visitors. Since then her blog has been a