8 Beginner Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

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Many people are still confused about the difference between a blog and a website. Businesses or those who offer their products and services may use either of these or both at the same time. While it may seem like these two are the same, they have differences that set them apart.

A blog is regularly updated. It may not be every day, although others make new posts daily, there’s something new that is shared within the week. This is to keep it relevant and to ensure that the audience of the blog keeps coming back to check it. Websites, on the other hand, are usually just updated when there are new offers or changes in terms or prices.

Blogs are also more social because people can leave their feedbacks, comments and join in the discussion. People just typically check on websites to get the information they need about the company or whatever they offer. If you decide to create your own blog, expect some challenges, especially that you’re new to this.

It would be a great help if you familiarize yourself with the blogging errors experienced by other bloggers when they were also new to this field. Doing so would make you feel more prepared to undertake this endeavor.

To help gear yourself with knowledge that would help the process of starting a blog smoother and easier, we prepared an infographic that contains usual blogging errors that you could learn from.

See the informative illustration that comes with eye-candy graphics:

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