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My name is Adrián from Spain and I am currently living and working in Toulouse. I work in the aerospace sector because I liked aircrafts when I was little. Besides aircrafts, since I was a kid I have always been really interested in making money and business. In the last few years I have been studying how you can create your own business and make money through the Internet. I think that today the Internet has limitless opportunities and is the easiest way to start your own business.

I created Financial Fashion Blogger with my brother Aleix. Here I introduce you to my brother:

Hi ladies I’m Aleix! I have followed my brother’s steps also in the aerospace sector. I’m working in Barcelona, I prefer the beach and the sun as well as mojitos in summer :). I am an entrepreneur and trying to master the world with one of my future projects, but meanwhile I really enjoy doing what I do. In my free time I really like doing sports, such as football, tennis, running, cycling, paddle and any kind of physical activity. When I am not at work I manage some affiliate-marketing websites and I keep learning new ways of how to make money online. I think that Internet is the key to achieve financial freedom, that’s why I have been studying and working in this field during the last years.

During that time working and learning the affiliate marketing programs, my brother and I realized how much power have Fashion Bloggers when it comes to promote fashion brands. However, we realized that many Fashion Bloggers with thousands of followers on their social media and hundreds of likes on their pictures are not taking advantage of it. May be it’s because they don’t know about it.

That’s why we have created this website, to help Fashion Bloggers understand how this business works and how they can MAKE REAL MONEY doing something that they are PASSIONATE about.

May be in a few months you are living your dream live as a Fashion Blogger!

If you have any doubt or question you can contact us without hesitation at the following mail:

Have a great day and keep doing what you love!

Best Regards,

Aleix & Adrián