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Danielle is a New Yorker Fashion Blogger who runs the blog http://weworewhat.com/. She started her blog 4 years ago, while she was studying advertising and marketing communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her blog that started as a hobby has turned into a very profitable full time business. She is only 23 years old and her Instagram account has currently 1,4 million of followers. As I said in my previous email, this allows her to charge up to $15,000 for a single Instagram post. That’s a lot of money!

Her French Bulldog has as well an Instagram account with more than 25k followers!

Besides of Instagram, Danielle uses as well Snapchat to show a more personal side to her followers.

7 months after launching her blog, she won the Next Big Style Blogger award organized by Refinery29. That was a very important step that increased a lot her VALUE as a Fashion Blogger and allowed her to do a first brand collaboration with Macy’s to promote one of its in-house labels. In 2013, Danielle signed with Next Model Management to handle her deals.

She started her blog with a goal of sharing with people who weren’t surrounded by fashion every day and didn’t know what to wear. She did that through a lookbook of daily outfit inspiration and photographing street style.

Nowadays her blog has different topics:

  • Outfits: She shows different outfits inspired from the various styles of New York City.
  • Interior Design: It might inspire you for your house decoration!
  • Men’s wear: She shows different outfits for men.
  • Lifestyle: She shares different topics from her life.

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Danielle is a young woman with a lot of creative ideas. She works as well as a creative director at a New York club called Nighty Night. In the near future she plans to design a shoe line and create blog sections about travel (We Traveled Where) and food (We Ate What). She also wants to publish a book that goes behind her blog.

Right now 4 people form her team; a photographer that takes pictures of her looks once a week, a project manager, an intern and herself. However with all the new projects that she has in mind she will probably recruit new members.

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