What does the best CONTENT look like?

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What does the best CONTENT look like?

The best content is not so much about how it looks. It may be in many forms like a video or a blog post or an ebook. That doesn’t really matter. The best content, however, is something that changes a person’s life. That might sound dramatic but it’s not really all that surprising. If your fashion blog is about helping curvy women then some content that you write might make someone feel better about themselves for a day. That is a big thing. And they will remember it. The best content solves problems. You and your brain should spend a lot of time trying to come up with the best and most helpfulness content ideas that you can think of.

So how do you do it?

Make plans: Plan ahead with your blog’s strategy. Figure out what people might want to see now and in the future.

Copy your competitors and then be better: Have a look at what your competitors are doing to be successful and then copy them but make it different, unique and better. No point re-inventing the wheel.

Get professional: Professional photos, videos, and graphics – all of these things can make a huge difference to how you are perceived.

Write, write, write: You want to get better at writing? Well, you need to write a LOT. Write all the time and really try to find your voice. Write long blog posts that give out a lot of value.

Focus on evergreen content: Evergreen content is useful stuff that stays relevant not for just a week or two but forever. This is a key point to running a successful blog.

Learn SEO: Search Engine Optimization is annoying but it is a vital part of helping you craft good content that get’s noticed (I’ll explain that in another article).

The best content is not easy to come up with. It takes a lot of research and it takes a lot of time to write, edit and perfect. But it is very important that you make the effort to try and be completely fabulous with your new Fashion Blog’s content because even if you don’t quite hit it the first few times you will still get people’s attention.

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