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I want to show you a girl that is only 25 years old and is making $1 million per year only from her affiliate programs sales! Her name is Rachel Parcell, here I let you some interesting facts about her.

Rachel started her blog on 2011 when she was getting married. She comes from Utah and it seems that it is a trend there to keep your family and friends updated of what you are doing. Therefore she started a personal blog in which she posted once a month some information of what she and her husband were doing.

That led to a local bridal magazine to be interested in her and that allow her to thrive traffic to her website. However the women that went to her site were not interested in her common life, they were interested in what she was wearing.

That let her to the creation of her blog Pink Peonies.

As most of the Fashion Bloggers, in the beginning she started by doing collaboration with local clothing stores in which she received free clothing for advertising on her blog. But soon she evolved her monetization by introducing affiliate links (the links that we discussed in the previous mail concerning Affiliate Marketing) into her blog. She started her affiliates with J. Crew and Nordstrom and within two months she was among their top ten earners!

As she says, when she got into the affiliate space it went from a hobby blog to a business.

Her Instagram doesn’t have a million followers like other well-known Fashion Bloggers, but Rachel is very well known for her high conversions. It’s a very important parameter to have in mind if you want to grow your Fashion Blogger business, I talk about it on this post. Right now just think that having high conversions would be the same as having a large number of people that buy your products.

For example last year, during the anniversary sale of Nordstrom, she drove more than 10000 sales to the retailer website in only a few weeks! That’s a lot of money!

While doing a lot of money from all this affiliate sales she realized that she could grow her business into a new direction and therefore make even more money. What strategy did she used? What make her realize that?

People who would buy normally on Nordstrom would go first to her blog. Then they would be redirected through affiliate links to the official website of Nordstrom and she would get a commission.

How did she manage to take a step forward and evolve her business?

Well, she looked at her conversion rates (how many people were buying which product) and she discovered that the jewelry products were being sold the most. That’s when she decided to start her own jewelry line!

You can see the strategy here, she saw that the market was buying a lot of jewelry so she decided to design it herself. That would lead to a big increase on her revenue. It’s not the same selling someone else’s product for a commission of 10% than selling your own product.

Here you can see some of her jewelry collection and her blog here  http://pinkpeonies.com/



I will give you some advices from her:

Don’t just mimic what someone else is doing.

Your readers will know if something isn’t you, so stay true to who you are. And don’t [fall into the trap] of comparing yourself to other bloggers. It’s easy when your starting out to compare yourself to someone who is at their middle point with a million followers and going to fashion shows. Don’t let that affect you.

Find your passion and have an expertise in something, then take that passion and be confident in what you post. And as always, work hard! Do not focus on the negative, focus on the positive.

I hope you can find some valuable insights from her.

If you follow your passion, you are diligent in what you do and you start learning how this business works (as you are doing right now), the SUCCESS will come!


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