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Susanna Lau, most known by Susie bubble, is a writer and editor that lives and works in London. She started her blog on 2006 and on 2010 she had tens of thousands of daily visitors. Since then her blog has been a benchmark for bloggers everywhere. In her blog she mixes her personal style with well-written posts and editorial review in a very original and personal way. That makes her blog unique!

Susie has worked as an editor for Dazed Digital and the website Dazed & Confused magazine. Right now she is focused on her blog and from time to time she does some freelance projects, such as writing for Elle, The Daily Rubbish and Dazed Digital.

Her revenue comes from occasional consulting work, writing assignments and speaking engagements. However the majority of her income comes from special projects (for instance projects for Dr. Martens, Giorgio Armani, Selfridges a Hong Kong boutique Joyce…).

She also publishes videos on YouTube and has an Instagram account with 269k followers!

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