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Tina Craig and Kelly Cook

Tina and Kelly had always been passionate about bags. Since they didn’t live in the same city, they used to be hours on the phone talking about the latest handbags and handbags sales. Since they were always talking about handbags, Tina’s husband suggested them to start a blog and write about it. They started their blog on 2005 without any expectation, just as a hobby.

To their surprise, a few months after launching the blog they made 400$ through advertising (I’ll explain more on that later). Since more and more readers were visiting their blog, they started using affiliate links with the brand Net-A-Porter. After using Affiliate Marketing they started making more money.

Tina and Kelly split their tasks; editorial is split in half, Tina does the PR and marketing and Kelly handles a lot of business, ad sales and business admin. They also share credit cards and bank account. Their husbands don’t even have access to their shared bank account or credit cards!

After a year of launching the blog focused on handbags they decided to write about beauty as well. And from there they did also jewelry. Since they had already built their audience with their first handbag niche blog, they could know to which areas their readers were interested. This is VERY IMPORTANT, knowing your audience and interact with them in order to know what they want. So that, after you can create the content that they want! This is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe to SUCCESS! Once you know what your audience wants and you can provide them with it, you will be unstoppable.

Tina and Kelly knew this concept and that made them expand into other areas that their readers were interested. After launching their first handbags blog, a year after they did beauty right away. And from there they did couture and jewelry. They realized that their readers were also interested in other areas of their lifestyle; recipes and cooking, everything down to kids. Therefore at one point they had 6 different blogs for each niche!

Since having 6 blogs was very difficult to manage, they merged the 6 blogs into a one lifestyle website called Snob Essentials. That would mean the essentials that you need to live this certain lifestyle. Tina says that they are not snobs, being a snob just means a certain elevated taste level and it does not depend on your income. Money is not indicative of good taste! Having snob taste just means that even if you have 10$ to buy a new cup, you want the best cup you can find.

After creating Snob Essentials they developed their own bag line with HSN. You can find it as well in their website. That really made increase their business to the next level. As you see many successful Fashion Bloggers (see Chiara Ferragni and Rachel Parcell) take their business to the next level by designing their own products!

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