Monetize your Fashion Blog with Adsense

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Monetize your Fashion Blog with Adsense

Google Adsense is a free service that makes it very easy to incorporate ads into your Fashion Blog. Depending on the content of your blog and your visitors, Adsense will generate automatically relevant banner ads and sponsored links. Since your content will probably be related to fashion, you will have ads related to fashion in your Fashion Blog. These ads are usually determined by the keywords that you use on your website (I will talk you more about keywords in future posts).

Adsense will rotate different CPC or CPM ads from different advertisers and will keep the ones that perform the best (give you more money). Here you have a short video that explains how does Adsense works:

Another positive aspect of Google Adsense is that the ads design is very well integrated into your Fashion Blog. That is because in Google they are very good at making ads feel seamless, both in subject and in display format. Therefore you don’t need to worry about your website looking tacky or busy!

As you can see Google Adsense makes it very easy to you to make money from your Fashion Blog. However before using it I recommend you to wait a little until you have already some TRAFFIC (having people that visits your website) into your Fashion Blog.  In order to have traffic to your Fashion Blog you need to have GREAT CONTENT, in the next posts I will give you some tips about how to do this.

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