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Building a large audience through your Instagram or your Fashion Blog is not an easy job. However once you have build your audience you can take advantage of it by selling sponsored posts to fashion brands. If you like to write reviews of products that you like this can be an easy way to make some money.

This type of collaboration is very common in the Fashion Blogging industry. Fashion Bloggers from around the world use this method as another source of income in their Fashion Blogs. If you know in which topics your audience is interested you can find a brand related to these topics and ask them for writing some sponsored posts in your Fashion Blog.

There is a lot of money involved in this type of collaborations. As it is said in Harper’s Bazaar, it is estimated that brands spend more than 1$billion per year only on sponsored Instagram posts. For example, Danielle Bernstein last year (before she had 1 million followers on Instagram) she was charging between $5,000 and $15,000. Many of the Top Fashion Bloggers have Instagram rate cards or managers that will explain the different prices based on the level of effort.

However, even if you don’t have as many followers you can make also a lot of money with sponsored posts!

Depending on how big is your audience and the positioning of your Fashion Blog, you will be able to charge less or more for the sponsored post. In order to help you know how much you should charge for a sponsored post, Fashion PR Girl has developed a very helpful tool:


This tool is completely free and will give you an estimation of how much you should charge for an Instagram sponsored post. For doing this calculation, it takes into account your social media following and the level of engagement with your followers.

I recommend you to try it before you contact a brand for collaboration!

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