How to win money teaching what you KNOW?

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Today I want to show you how you can make money teaching what you know. The best way to do that is creating a Digital Product. If you are a Fashion Blogger you will probably know a few things about Fashion and Fashion Blogging. The things that you know might be very valuable for Fashion Bloggers who are starting in this world. Building a Digital Product is the best way to give this knowledge to the world in exchange of money. Many Successful Fashion Bloggers know that and thus have digital products on their websites. Let me give you some tips on how you can start creating a successful Digital Product.

You might ask yourself what is a Digital Product. A Digital Product is a course that can be in a format of an ebook, an audio course, video course, webinar (a real time online presentation)… Nowadays with the Internet the possibilities are endless.

For example, the following websites have Digital Products related to Fashion Blogging:

These are just some examples but there are many other Fashion Bloggers out there making money thanks to what they know.

The first thing you should do for creating a Digital Product is to choose your Niche.

What are you going to teach? Whom are you going to sell it?

You can find some ideas in my website regarding Niches related to Fashion:

Before choosing the Niche you should think about your audience. If you really want to assure that your Digital Product will be a SUCCESS you should ask your audience for feedback. Before spending a lot of time creating a product that you don’t even know if people will want it, you should check with your prospects if they might be interested. Here are a couple of questions that you could ask them:

– I have received many queries concerning the topic X, therefore I’m planning to create a Digital Product that teaches how to X. Would you be potentially interested in learning how to X?

– I’m working on a new course that will teach how to X. However I need your help before finishing it. I want to assure that I have covered everything. What are your top 2 most important questions about X that I absolute NEED to answer in this course?

That is a great way to test if the topic that you have chosen could work. You should ask these questions even before starting the creation of your product!

Therefore if you see that people respond positively, then you could start creating your Digital Product. And the most important thing, you will know precisely what you should include in your product.

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